Where’s Walter?

What has been dark now must come to light.

Strange Bird Immersive has an all-new nest. You have perhaps met Madame Daphne’s bird Walter?

The moving truck would take only a handful of highway exits to get there, but at the last moment Walter and I decided to take the long way and have a little adventure.

Now he’s landed safely in his new home (though it's still under construction). Would you like to come on our adventure as well, and discover a few new places along our path?

It is time. I know you want to know, my dear, just exactly where am I, and Where’s Walter?


The Raven Queen

p.s. There may be even more in store for you, should you find Walter. There's only one way to find out.

How to play

You can follow Walter from home. With your keen eyes and a map as your guides, deduce Walter’s seven different stops in his odyssey. Each photo contains enough information to find the name of the location if you are clever.

And don’t fret: Walter’s flying days are long gone, so you can trace his journey by road. If you get lost, I have left behind some hint-crumbs to show the way.