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The Man From Beyond, the Houdini Seance Immersive Room Escape Game

an immersive escape room experience in Houston, Texas

Voted #1 Escape Room in the United States
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Zoom Tarot Readings

Friday July 3 & 4, starting at 8pm Central

Houston is under another "Stay at Home" directive, and Strange Bird Immersive remains closed. But all is not lost in the realm of strange experiences...

Madame Daphne is now offering her skills with the cards over Zoom. Experience an in-depth tarot reading from our beloved medium. Intimate, insightful, strange—guaranteed. Spots are limited.

Help keep Strange Bird flying. Book your close encounter of the virtual kind.

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An Immersive Experience Like Nothing Else

Strange Bird Immersive presents The Man From Beyond, an original story combining immersive theatre and an escape room.

escape room icon, a maze puzzle

Escape Room

Locked in a room with friends, you must discover the room’s secrets and solve its puzzles before time runs out.

immersive theatre icon, an actress

Immersive Theatre

The world of the story surrounds you, characters hold out their hands to you, and no one is a passive spectator.

show icon, man in handcuffs

The Man From Beyond

A 90 minute experience that brings stakes and realism to the escape game and introduces agency to the theatre.

Internationally Recognized

Winner #3 in the World, Top Escape Rooms Project Enthusiasts Choice Awards 2018

"The best of the best"

Winner, Room Escape Artist Golden Lock-in Award 2017

"Powerful... moving"

Winner, 10 Best Escape Rooms 2018 by USA Today Reader's Choice

"By popular vote"

Winner, Partly Wicked Room of the Year 2017

"Brilliant... memorable"

Winner, Escape Authority Keys to Greatness: Most Immersive

"Compelling and real"

Winner, Houston Press Theatre Awards 2017

"Wowed us..."

Best Story Telling, Escape Rumors 2018 Achievement Unlocked Awards

"Achievement Unlocked"

Best Immersive Game, Immersion Awards 2019 by Immersion Nation

"Truly exceptional"

The Story

Daphne at the table in the escape room

Madame Daphne cordially invites you to a private séance to contact the spirit of Harry Houdini. But all is not what it seems, and when the ghost appears, things take a dramatic turn. Unravel mysteries a century in the making, and you could find yourselves doing more than escaping a room.

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The Next Generation of Escape Room

...created, built, and experienced only in Houston

professional actor portrait

Professional actors dedicated to realism from the moment you walk through the door

a lit mantel sconce

Responsive light and sound effects deliver a cinematic experience

escape game puzzle: The Cabinet of Mysteries

Custom-designed sets and puzzles that never require guessing to solve

Houdini's World's largest stopwatch, as a 60 minute escape room clock

Go beyond the 60 minute game, and be a part of a 90 minute story

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Experience Houston's best escape room.


Room Escape Artist

Room Escape Artist

"It stands out among escape rooms. It stands out among immersive theater."

Houston Press

The Man From Beyond Places Houston on the Immersive Theater Map

"superbly unique... meticulously conceived"

Partly Wicked

Discover the secret treasure of Houston’s Escape Room scene

"The single most memorable escape room I have ever seen."

Houston Chronicle

Immersive theater plays with what performance is supposed to be

"Takes the "Sleep No More" aesthetic and applies it to a traditional escape room"

Houston Press

Houston Theatre Awards 2017 Winner

"...a hybrid experience, incorporating the best of immersive theater with the fun of an escape room experience."

Houston CultureMap

Top 9 things to do in Houston this weekend

"the interactive adventure promises an adrenaline rush"

Art Houston

Truth Through Imagination

"An immersive experience like nothing else."

Escape Authority

Escape Authority Review

"a story so compelling and so real that it was impossible to not become lost within it"

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Private Bookings

Reserve the whole experience for just your group. Book a room as "Private event" and bring 4 to 8 people. Contact us for other times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Curated Selection

Is it scary?

The Man from Beyond is atmospheric and offers surprises and suspense, but no horror or gore.

Is there math?

You will search and discover and interpret and investigate and connect. You will not do math.

I’ve never done immersive theatre before. What’s it like?

Don’t worry—there’s no embarassing role-play. You get to be yourself but inside a realistic imaginary world. Prepare to do amazing things you wouldn’t normally do.

What’s your escape rate, and where’s your leaderboard?

That’s not what we’re about.

Where are you?

In the Houston Design Center on Old Katy Rd near the intesection of I-10 and 610. See Location for more.

Can I play again?

Yes. You undoubtedly did not participate in everything and want to see more, but it’s challenging to avoid spoiling the solutions you do remember for new players. Veterans of the game will receive a complimentary ticket if they book a private room for their friends. Contact Adrian Rook to set up your return visit.

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7026 Old Katy Rd #310
Houston, TX 77024


We are a Houston-based immersive theatre and escape room company.

Our mission is to create immersive experiences that tear down the traditional boundaries between performer and audience so both are free to live truthfully inside imaginary circumstances. We look forward to exploring new experiences with you.


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