The Man From Beyond - in-person ticket sales remain suspended due to elevated rates of COVID-19.
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(F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions

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The Basics

How long is the performance?

Plan on staying with us for 1.5-2 hours from the start of your showtime.

When should I arrive?

Madame Daphne's door opens at your scheduled time. Guests who arrive at that time will participate in the full experience. Consider arriving a little early, as you may need extra time to find our location, to use the restroom, or to explore our lobby.

I’m early and the door is locked. What should I do?

Wait. You may perhaps find the Strange Bird lobby interesting.

I’m late for my time. What should I do?

We can wait for late arrivals up to 15 minutes, but our doors lock after that time. If the door is locked, the séance has begun, and we cannot allow late admittance. The Man From Beyond is a ticketed, live event. Please plan your visit with sufficient leeway for contingencies.

Do you have an age limit?

Yes. Guests 16 years of age or older are invited. Guests as young as 13 can be accommodated in private bookings where guardians are present. Due to the intense nature of the experience, it is inappropriate for guests younger than 13. No infants, please.

Is your game wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the experience is fully accessible. Though not all puzzles in the game are accessible by wheelchair, many of them are.

Where are you?

In the Houston Design Center on Old Katy Rd near the intesection of I-10 and 610. See Location for more.


How are tickets sold?

We sell 4-8 general admission tickets to each performance. If you do not buy all eight, anyone else may buy the remainder. If you see fewer than 8 tickets for sale, someone has already bought some for that time.
In reponse to COVID-19, all games are private. Any booking of 4-8 tickets will close off the rest of the tickets. A party of 6-8 is recommended. As few as 2 may play by purchasing 4 tickets (read below for more info). We regret the inconvenience this may cause to small groups.

I don’t want to play with strangers. Can I book a private performance?

Our séances often sell out. If you wish to avoid other members of the public joining your team, you may reserve a private showtime for the price of 8 tickets and bring from 4 to 8 people. Be prepared for a memorable experience.
For the duration of pandemic emergency, all games are private.

I’d like to book a performance at a time that’s not listed.

We can accommodate custom performances, daytime and evening. Contact Adrian Rook at [email protected].

I can’t make my showtime. Can I cancel and get a refund?

All sales are final, we can offer no refunds for cancellations. You may reschedule your game time if you contact us at least a week in advance. Individual participants may be swapped at any time. Contact Adrian Rook at [email protected] to do so.
Any persons feeling or appearing ill are asked to stay home; we will provide no-change-fee rain checks.

Can I book for 9 or 10 people?

We recommend no more than 8 players, but we will accommodate 9 to 10 people in private performances—you’ll need to purchase the additional tickets. Contact Adrian Rook at [email protected] for reservations over our maximum of 8.

Can I book for 11 or more people?

Unfortunately our séance table is limited in circumference and cannot fit 11 players.

Can I play with only 2 or 3 players? What happens if the minimum of 4 isn't met?

We require a minimum of 4 tickets sold, but we can host 2-3 if you purchase the additional empty seats. If fewer than 4 people have signed up two hours before your start time, we will call you and offer a refund or the option to play with 2-3 players at the additional cost. To avoid cancellations, purchase 4 tickets, or sign up for a game that already has tickets sold.
We recommend only experienced escape room players opt to play in small teams.

I want only 2 tickets. Do I have to buy 4 tickets to meet the minimum?

No, strangers may book with you to help meet the minimum of 4 tickets. This is common, but not guaranteed, during popular times. If you have a group of 2, for example, and book into a game that already has 2 sold, that game will make the minimum.
For the duration of the emergency, yes. All games are now private. We regret the inconvenience this may cause for small groups.

I’m visiting Houston from out-of-town on on a Monday afternoon. Can you guarantee that I’ll get to play?

Yes. Strange Bird loves travelers. We can guarantee your game for the cost of 4 tickets. Contact us for custom showtimes: it would be our sincere pleasure to host you on a Monday afternoon or any other random hour you're in town. We open custom times to the public to help meet the minimum of 4 players, but as they are less popular times, they run a risk of not attracting additional bookings. Be prepared to cover the minimum cost for custom showtimes.

Can I play again?

Yes; you undoubtedly did not participate in everything and want to see more, but it’s challenging to avoid spoiling the solutions you do remember for new players. Veterans of the game will receive a complimentary ticket if they book a private room with their friends. Contact Adrian Rook at [email protected] to set up your return visit.

I don’t have the names of everyone in my party just yet. Can I go ahead and book?

Please book. Enter what information you do know, and when you confirm your guest list, send an update to Adrian Rook at [email protected]. We request guest names as part of our special greeting upon your arrival.

The Experience

Is it scary?

The Man from Beyond is atmospheric and offers surprises and suspense, but no horror or gore.

Is the room really locked?

No. We never lock our doors. If you experience an emergency, you will be able to exit easily.

Is it claustrophobic?

Our parlor is several hundred square feet and quite comfortable.

Is there math?

You will search and discover and interpret and investigate and connect. You will not do math.

I’ve never played an escape room before. Should I start with yours?

Please do. You’ll be ready for anything, and that’s what you’ll need.

What are your puzzles like?

Our puzzle approach takes inspiration from video games like Myst and The Room. We give you objects to explore and secrets to discover in our immersive storyline. There are no dubious ciphers and no random homework puzzles.

I’m just not that into puzzles. Should I attend?

Absolutely. The Man From Beyond delivers an entertainment experience that is much more than a series of puzzles. Your team will need to make discoveries, though, but I assume you're not opposed to adventure, are you?

What’s your escape rate, and where’s your leaderboard?

That’s not what we’re about.

I’ve never done immersive theatre before. What’s it like?

Don’t worry—there’s no embarassing role-play. You get to be yourself but inside a realistic imaginary world. Prepare to do amazing things you wouldn’t normally do.

I have a personal religious objection to séances. Should I attend?

Our Houdini Séance, while fictional, looks and feels like the real deal, and we ask for your participation. If you find that problematic The Man From Beyond may not be for you.

Do I need to speak English to participate?

Our puzzles are in English, as are our actor interactions, so we recommend some fluency to get the most out of the experience.

Can I lose?

Yes. But we believe in you.

Is there a chair in the room in case I need to sit down?

Madame Daphne performs a seated séance. There are chairs for all.

Should I wear my stilettos?

We recommend comfortable footwear. You will not be in a seat for long.

Should I bring my reading glasses?

Yes. There may be some light but important reading to do.

What else should I wear?

Madame Daphne may show preference to those in snazzy attire, but she won’t refuse you as long as you’re sporting a shirt and shoes. As it is the 2020s and not the 1920s, men are not required to wear hats.