You're the inquisitive type, aren't you? I like that.

For Your Eyes Only

The Man From Beyond puts you at the heart of a story, but it is also a game. Our gamemaster has leaked the following trade secrets to help you make the most of your time with us.

  • Typically in the genre your goal is to escape the room. But not always.
  • The room contains challenges and puzzles, all of which you must complete in time. Some will be hidden, some will be in the open.
  • Ask why. Why is this here? Almost everything in the room is important.
    Explore. Use your eyes, ears, and hands. Read. Check all sides of an object. Objects given as rewards are particularly important.
  • A key works only in one location. Once the key unlocks a reward, that key has served its purpose.
  • If an object needs a code to open, the solution will not involve guessing.
    Have faith. You will know the answer when you have it.
  • Talk to one another, and play as a team. If you don’t “get it,” share it.
  • Don’t shy away from asking for a hint when you need it.


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Haley E. R. Cooper

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Bradley Winkler

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J. Cameron Cooper

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